Preparing for your first session of therapy with a new therapist? You don't necessarily need to prepare for a first session but it can help you feel better about going and can help you better communicate the reason you are seeking help.

Many of these questions are things therapists will ask throughout the initial appointment and can make this part go faster to get to the heart of the issue (and save some money on your part!). We all like to feel like we are saving money!

One of my first supervisors, Jacqueline Marshall, from almost 10 years ago now (time really does fly), now is also a freelance writer and she wrote a very helpful article for anyone going to their first therapy session! 

The link to her article with her 8 points: Preparing For Your Initial Mental Health Appointment

Again, these are suggestions and if they are helpful use them, if perhaps use these as a guideline to find a way to prepare that works for you! You can also contact me for any questions!


~Amira Lodhi, MSW